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San Francisco/Oakland Plastic Recycling

Plastic Recycling in San Francisco/Oakland - The 5 step Plastic recycling process is defined as collection, sorting, shredding and chipping, cleaning and washing, and pelleting.  In San Francisco/Oakland, we are experts in how plastic is recycled and can identify PET, HDPE, PVC, LDPE, and many more.  We recycle plastic scrap from manufacturing processes, consumer goods made of plastic, plastic beverage containers, and many other types of plastic including electronics.  Because of the large demand of plastic goods and material recycling plastic is as important as ever.

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Plastic Recycling

plastic-beverage-containersPlastic Beverage Container Recycling in San Francisco/Oakland – Plastic Beverage Container can pile up quickly in your office, schools, hospitals, and government buildings and can be a hassle to recycle if your company does not have an effective recycling program.  You can recycle plastic beverage containers as well as electronics scrap made of plastic.   Our recycling programs in San Francisco/Oakland have proven to increase recycling rates by 75 percent.  If your company does not have the blue recycling bins or recycling containers call us today.  

scrap-plasticManufacturing Scrap Plastic Recycling in San Francisco/Oakland - Manufacturing companies use our services to recycle plastic waste from the manufacturing process.  We have recycled plastic from companies manufacturing toys, helicopters, electronics, plastic bottles, plastic packaging, furniture, cables and many other plastic products.  Plastic recycling rates can vary greatly because of the many types of plastic and colors.

plastic-product-recyclingPlastic Products and Goods Recycling in San Francisco/Oakland – Counterfeit product, outdated products, product recalls, and many other consumer goods made of plastic need to be recycled.  Free Recycling Quotes has extensive experience with providing recycling for good and products including recycling for electronics manufactures, retail stores, warehouses and other businesses that have a stock pile of goods and products that need to be recycled.  All material is recycled according to what type of plastic it is so nothing ever enters a landfill.  Certificates of Recycling are always available for your records.

waste-recycling-processPlastic Recycling Process – Free Recycling Quotes has been a leader in the Plastic Recycling Industry since 2005. We provide a zero waste solution to our customers in San Francisco/Oakland. Saving the environment is our business priority. We help divert...
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certificate-of-recyclingCertificates of Recycling: At the end of the recycling process, our customers in San Francisco/Oakland can receive Certificates of Destruction(Recycling) and detailed reports documenting key information such as model number, serial number, action performed, material breakdown...
waste-managementElectronics Waste Problem: Electronic waste is becoming one of San Francisco/Oakland’s fastest growing problems. The most frightening fact is that only 10% of households in San Francisco/Oakland are currently recycling their unwanted electronics. Electronics waste carries toxic...

environmental-impactEnvironmental Commitment: Free Recycling Quotes recognizes that issues such as climate change, greenhouse gas emissions, and energy conservation are concerns shared by every global citizen. Free Recycling Quotes works relentlessly to reduce...