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Raleigh/Cary Pallets Recycling

If you need Pallets recycling in Raleigh/Cary, we have a solution for you!

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Raleigh/Cary Pallets Recycling

wood pallets recycling in Raleigh/CaryPallet Recycling in Raleigh/Cary – Our policy is that no pallets end up in Raleigh/Cary’s landfills so the best option is pallet recycling. Used wood pallets that are so damaged that they have reached the end of their life, can be salvaged for reuse in other pallets or the wood can be ground up for use as landscape mulch, animal bedding, or wood stove pellets. Most new pallets are built from the leftover lumber that would likely be discarded otherwise. Recycled pallets are used over and over and usually are repaired with recycled lumber.

Buying Pallets in Raleigh/CaryBuying Pallets in Raleigh/Cary – We supply used, new, and re-manufactured pallets as well as heat treated pallets, plastic pallets, wooden reel pallets and crates.Our pallets are 100% reusable, recyclable, and come from a renewable resource.  Our recycled pallets meet or exceed the capability of new pallets at a fraction of the cost.

plastic pallets in Raleigh/CaryTypes of Pallets – We provide new or recycled standard 48x40, 44x44, 42x42, and 40x40 pallets - A and B grade as well as custom size pallets in Raleigh/Cary.  Due to the variety of pallet specifications, materials, and logistics options, it is helpful to look at each attribute separately when evaluating a pallet service.

pallet recycling company in Raleigh/CaryServices –We specialize in picking up and recycling wooden pallets in Raleigh/Cary.  We can pick any shape, size or number of wooden pallets.  We offer multiple solutions for your unwanted pallets and can provide you with a box trailer or container to keep your site.  We can provide scheduled or at moment’s notice pickups utilizing our fleet of box trucks and trailers. We track, log, and provide detailed reports to you on the number and type of pallets your business recycles each month and year.

waste-recycling-processPallets Waste Recycling Process: Free Recycling Quotes has been a leader in the Electronic Recycling Industry since 2005. We provide a zero waste solution to our customers in Raleigh/Cary. Saving the environment is our business priority. We help divert...

certificate-of-recyclingCertificates of Recycling: At the end of the recycling process, our customers in Raleigh/Cary can receive Certificates of Destruction(Recycling) and detailed reports documenting key information such as model number, serial number, action performed, material breakdown...
waste-managementPallets Waste Problem: Electronic waste is becoming one of Raleigh/Cary’s fastest growing problems. The most frightening fact is that only 10% of households in Raleigh/Cary are currently recycling their unwanted Pallets . Pallets waste carries toxic...

environmental-impactEnvironmental Commitment: Free Recycling Quotes recognizes that issues such as climate change, greenhouse gas emissions, and energy conservation are concerns shared by every global citizen. Free Recycling Quotes works relentlessly to reduce...