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Cardiff Paper Recycling

If you need paper recycling in Cardiff, we have a solution for you! We recycle office paper, newspaper, cardboard, junk mail, magazines, and phone books and much more!  Get QUICK PRICING NOW!

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Paper Recycling

newspaper-recyclingPaper Recycling in Cardiff - office paper, newspaper, cardboard, junk mail, magazines, and phone books and many other types of Paper products are 100% recyclable.  We service all of Cardiff and surrounding areas.  Today, 90 percent, of paper pulp is made of wood and 35 percent of felled trees.  By Recycling paper you can make a difference.  Free Recycling Quotes will help you with any and all paper recycling needs.

document-shredding-and-recyclingDocument Shredding in Cardiff –Do you need onsite document destruction in Cardiff and surrounding areas?  We provide a certificate of destruction while keeping paper out of the landfills and help you save the environment.  Information security is very important us and we protect your information by proving the highest document destruction services in the industry.Free Recycling Quotes document destruction and shredding service makes sure that all your confidential business information is kept that way.

office-paper-recyclingOffice PaperRecycling in Cardiff - Old papers can pile up quickly in your office and can be a hassle to recycle if your company does not have an effective recycling program.  You can recycle office paper, newspaper, cardboard, junk mail, magazines, and phone books.  Our recycling programs in Cardiff have proven to increase recycling rates by 75 percent.  If your company does not have the blue recycling bins or recycling containers call us today.  

cardboard-recyclingCardboard Recycling in Cardiff –Cardboard boxes are big bulky and take up space.  If you have boxes filling up your floor space we can help.  Our custom box recycling program will help you keep landfills clean but alos help save time and money.  Our cardboard box recycling services are used by Cardiff grocery stores, warehouses, large retail stores, and other businesses that generate boxes daily.  We will provide you with a custom solution for recycling your cardboard boxes.

waste-recycling-processPaper Recycling Process: Free Recycling Quotes has been a leader in the Paper Recycling Industry since 2005. We provide a zero waste solution to our customers in Cardiff. Saving the environment is our business priority. We help divert...
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certificate-of-recyclingCertificates of Recycling: At the end of the recycling process, our customers in Cardiff can receive Certificates of Destruction(Recycling) and detailed reports documenting key information such as model number, serial number, action performed, material breakdown...
waste-managementElectronics Waste Problem: Electronic waste is becoming one of Cardiff’s fastest growing problems. The most frightening fact is that only 10% of households in Cardiff are currently recycling their unwanted electronics. Electronics waste carries toxic...

environmental-impactEnvironmental Commitment: Free Recycling Quotes recognizes that issues such as climate change, greenhouse gas emissions, and energy conservation are concerns shared by every global citizen. Free Recycling Quotes works relentlessly to reduce...